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How install ScriptBay PRO



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ScriptBay PRO is the perfect combination of PHP Script and HTML5; the template has been created specifically to be the most visible and can be enjoyed by all users, devices, and browsers.


The code is highly commented and, clear guidance on what is in that position; with a simple text editor like Notepad ++ you can include text, images and links, quick and easy.

The template is provided to the .htaccess file (only for Apache server) that provides high-speed navigation and optimization of html pages.

How to insert new images:

To insert an image and just add the URL of the image in this code and place it in the desired position.

<img src="assets/images/imagename.png" alt="your description" title="your title">

How to add new links

To add a link, just use this code and change the destination URL.

<a href="" title="title link"></a>

How customize the Contact Form

  • Open the file 'freecontactformsettings.php' using a code/plain text Editor.
  • Update the following code into this file


$email_to = "[email protected]"; // your email address
$email_subject = "Contact Form Message"; // email subject line
$thankyou = "index.html"; // thank you page

// if you update the question on the form -
// you need to update the questions answer below
$antispam_answer = "25";


  • Enter your email address in place of [email protected]
  • Change the email subject (if you like)
  • Change your thank you page reference (if you like)
  • Save the file.

How Customize the Google Map on the file contact.html

Open the file assets/js/google-map.js

Replace the coordinatesby default with your, at line 7:

center: new google.maps.LatLng(21.293022, -157.852912),
To get the coordinates of a map, follow the instructions in this link


Please read the related instructions for the correct setup here; the script is available on the folder "scriptbay".


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