MyIPFS Script fast Setup

MyIPFS has been designed to be used by anyone, without specific technical experience and above all, without requiring server-side resources. This amazing amazing Script will give you access to all the potential of the IPFS Decentralized Global Network, in a few minutes and without having to have technical skills or experience.

Upload Your Files to the major IPFS Storage Providers in a few moments, get the unique CID of each File, delete it or share it with whoever you want. Keep under control the space used, or change the accesses of the IPFS Providers in a Click!

MyIPFS Script Setup

Setup step by step:

  1. Purchase the Script on the Buy Now MyIPFS Script
  2. Upload all the Files to your Web Root, Subdomain or Folder
  3. Login at eg.
  4. Change your Login Credentials
  5. Add your IPFS API


Now you are ready to Upload, Download and Delete your Files on the IPFS Network!


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