Setup SneakPeek URL to Image and PDF Platform

Server Requirements

  • LINUX Servers (No Shared Hosting)
  • WHTMLTOPDF Extension
  • PHP >= 7.3.0
  • MySQL 5.5 MariaDB

NOTE: As already explained, at the time of purchase, SneakPeek Script necessarily requires those modules for a correct operation and it is therefore assumed that this Apache extensions is already present to your server.

If it is not yet installed and active, please follow the correct procedure of installation for different types of servers.

Step 1

  • Upload the folder SneakPeek-Script to the root of your website

Step 2

  • Create a new Database and upload the file named sneakpeek.sql

Step 3

  • Open the file server_config.env. Add the Database information, the URL of the installation and You can change the name of the Website as well at line 3.

SneakPeek Setup

Step 4

  • Go to your login page , Eg:
  • Change your Credentials after login:  go to your Profile Page , Eg:


Now you can Enjoy your SneakPeek Suite!



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