Introducing Dokky PRO - Bookcase Shop Script

ScriptNet Solutions introduce the Evolution of the already extraordinary “Dokky Lite Bookcase Script” with an Exclusive series of Features, which include the Sale of Files and Documentation.

Dokky Pro - Bookcase Shop Script

Dokky Pro presents itself as the Ultimate Solution in the Document Viewer and Sharer Category, giving the possibility of creating a real Online Shop to be able to put the Owner and Users’ Files on Sale and receive payments via PayPal.


Dokky Pro stands out from any other similar product on the Market, adding many Exclusive Functions focused on the Purchase and Sale of User Documentation; not only via External Links to other E-commerce platforms (see for example Amazon Kindle) but above all via a Secure Native Payment system, via PayPal.

All Users of the Platform will be able to simply add their PayPal Email and receive payments, directly for each Sale of their Files. But it doesn’t end here. Dokky PRO is even easier to Setup, even on Shared Hosting or subfolders, with a quick installer.

In the Back end, the portal Administrator can configure all parts of the Script in a few minutes and in an assisted manner, with the on-page instructions of the Functions. It includes many exclusive features, which are added to the already unrivaled ones of the Lite version:

. Step by Step, Installer System
. Administrator Back-end with stats and configurations
. Default Language: Translate your Website and tags
. ScriptBay EPN Search via API Add-on
. JmpTo URL Shortner and QR Code Stats System
. PayPal SDK
. PayPal IPN System
. User Sell Documents and receive payments on their PayPal
. User can upload files via external URL
. User Download .zip folder with all the files
. User can regenerate the File Preview in the Fly
. Contacts with Map and direct messages to Administrator
. ADS system
. Default Website Colors
. Exclusive Front-End Icons

Dokky PRO is the perfect Platform for creating online Files Shops, lively Communities or Documentation Hubs, with Files that can be Downloaded for Free OR for a Fee. And there’s more. Includes the exclusive “ScriptBay for Dokky” Add-on which can further increase your Earning potential via eBay’s EPN Affiliate channel. Along with the usual and exceptional functions, it includes a timed and encrypted sending system to allow Buyers to download the purchased Documents quickly and in complete security.

Contact Area, Maps, Privacy and Cookie Pages, real-time statistics via Links and QR Codes via JmpTo, Backup Files and much more.


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