How increase the performances of ScriptBay - Advanced eBay Search Script

For the Best performance and results, is optional but strongly recommended, to create a NEW APP ID.

ScriptBay comes with standard Finding APP (in line with the directives eBay) which allows a maximum of 5000 requests per day. For this reason, is recommended to create a new App from your Ebay Account Developers, to avoid problems of visualization research, if your website have one really hight traffic.


NOTE: ScriptBay by version 2.1 will start to use "Browse API" Method, as structure of the new affiliate links required from eBay Affiliate Network (EPN).




Create one Account on the Ebay Developers, and follow the instructions: on the section Application Setting, copy and paste the code for APP ID in the Production Keys (see image).


Please, be sure that your new App is set to ACTIVE and NOT in Sandbox mode.

Add the code to the file API_SEARCH.PHP.



You can increase the performance of your ScriptBay, using the ScriptNet Solutions CDN, for your CSS and JS Files.

It is very simple, as the image, open the file SEARCH.PHP and uncomment the code. Please remember to remove from the code, the URLs of the files inside your folder.

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