ScriptBay v.3.0 - What are the Parameters of an EPN Link

From February 2025 eBay "FINDING" API will be deprecated and it will no longer be possible to use this version of ScriptBay

As clearly indicated by the eBay Developers press releases, the Affiliate link building system has changed.
This obviously precludes the proper functioning of older versions of ScriptBay, even if they have not directly affected its functioning.

In fact, ScriptBay v.3 while continuing to use the Finding API, has undergone many changes to allow it to function properly and be used as the best eBay EPN system on the market.
Given this, the new ScriptBay version 3.0 system needs additional data, to be entered as parameters in its configuration file.

Specifically, EPN has introduced these new parameters:

[TARGET] - A supported standard eBay URL (see Target URL Format).

[ROTATION-ID] - The Rotation ID fitting the [TARGET] marketplace, see list below.

[SITE-ID] - Internal reference parameter to match the eBay site (mandatory only for API calls)

[EPN-CAMPAIGN-ID] - A publisher's individual EPN Campaign ID.

[SUB-ID] - A publisher's optional Sub ID. Also referred to as Custom ID.

[TOOL-ID] - Unique ID assigned to the data source that provided the link; e.g. APIs, Link Generators, Data Feeds, etc. (default: 10001, 10041 in the ScriptBay Script)

Identification codes of the eBay reference Markets identified with the new name of "Rotation-ID" have also been introduced; if previously it was sufficient to modify the static code in the "Search_More.php" file, now it is necessary to add the relative numerical code in the configuration file, to allow the correct construction of the urls, with Affiliate link.

eBay AT - 5221-53469-19255-0

eBay AU - 705-53470-19255-0

eBay BE - 1553-53471-19255-0

eBay CA - 706-53473-19255-0

eBay CH - 5222-53480-19255-0

eBay DE - 707-53477-19255-0

eBay ES - 1185-53479-19255-0

eBay FR - 709-53476-19255-0

eBay IE - 5282-53468-19255-0

eBay IT - 724-53478-19255-0

eBay NL - 1346-53482-19255-0

eBay UK - 710-53481-19255-0

eBay US - 711-53200-19255-0

Even if at first glance these further implementations seem complicated, we assure you that the ScriptBay setup is really intuitive and relatively simple, needing these parameters only in a file.

Even in the case of customizations relating to the reference market (remember that by default ScriptBay searches EBAY-US with the currency $), thanks to the comments in the code, the changes will take a few minutes.

Attached: PDF of the necessary parameters, updated June 2023

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