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Install ScriptBay Mobile


You have purchase an old ScriptBay version?

By default, all the last releases already have this system, by the version 1.0.


DEPRECATED since Version 2.0


ScriptBay Mobile


If you want add this module to your ScriptBay is necessary follow this easy steps:

  • Unpack the Zip folder, enter on the folder "M"
  • Open with a text editor the file /include/configuration.php
  • Follow the instructions for set up, add URL, your ePN ID and Keywords
  • Save

After, open the file ScriptBayM.php

  • Add your own META TAG, logo, and text
    (Please remember to not use images to big for your Mobile Landing, becouse could be take time for the complete upload of the page)
  • At line 117, search for this code:


    Replace /ScriptBay.php/ with your main Script page, ex. "Shop"

  • Save


Now upload the folder " M " on the same webroot of your Script!

ScriptBay Mobile

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