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How install ScriptBay


The script to work properly, it requires 1 mandatory ID that are in your eBay© affiliate account.

ScriptBay Setup

ScriptBay Setup


Copy and paste your personal affiliate ID in the file configuration.php


After that, add your absolute URL.


Last step: Choose your default KEYWORDS; you you can add a virtually unlimited number of keys, but remember, It results in a decrease of the speed of loading because they are imported much more data..

Save, and upload all the files to your Web Root!

For the Best performance and results, is optional but strongly recommended, to create a NEW APP ID.

ScriptBay comes with standard Finding APP (in line with the directives eBay) which allows a maximum of 5000 requests per day. For this reason, is recommended to create a new App from your Ebay Account Developers, to avoid problems of visualization research, if your website have one really hight traffic.


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